Last night, I waited four hours before I actually gave in to dreaming
Drifting off into the land of fantasy and promises
The hidden territory of my thoughts where I’m truly happy
The place you first traveled to when we first spoke
Do you remember when we first spoke?
I actually don’t remember all of things we discussed
But I remember smiling
And that’s all because of you
It’s because of you that I’ve felt things I never thought I’d feel anymore
Things I pushed away for the sake of being safe and sound
But you came around and since then I’ve been falling

Falling for you was easy
I’m still at the mercy of gravity
This part’s easy
It’s landing on my feet that’ll be the challenge
‘Cause I’m too busy focusing on the thought of you
To remember to keep my knees bent in an angle that’ll
Prevent me from shattering into a million pieces upon reaching the ground
But if that were to be the case Then every single piece of me
Belongs to you.

" —

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posted 2 years ago

Sing Me a Melody

There's a song in my soul and it travels all throughout my body; never resting, never ceasing, never ending.

Well, hey there, strangers. I'm Blaine Anderson, the keyboardist of the band. Those eighty-eight ivory keys make me shiver and shake... in a good way, of course.

Ho finalmente trovato tu, il mio pezzo di puzzle mancante. Io sono completi.

Come talk to me. I don't bite. Hard. Well, maybe. If you'd ask. Yeaaah, I'm gonna stop talking now.